Assess your level of knowledge

Self-assessment Tool

This assessment tool allows you to assess your level of knowledge regarding the main aspects of sustainably responsible leadership and innovation management. By completing this assessment, you will gain more insight into your personal skills and capabilities for sustainably responsible leadership required to support your business in responding to the growing demand for sustainability. In addition, this tool offers suggestions on how to improve your skills through relevant TITAN course units.

You are invited to consider five different statements regarding six different areas of knowledge and position yourself on a four-level scale from “no understanding” to “expert and able to explain to others”. It’s important to answer with honesty to truly discover what learning paths you must perform to fulfil your training needs.

It should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the assessment as we have found that this time provides people with sufficient space to critically reflect on the statements.

This assessment tool can be used as a quick assessment of individual business leaders and employees before taking a TITAN course, or it can be applied by VET providers in a training program context. The tool applies to individuals representing businesses of all sizes and business start-ups. Individuals representing other types of organisations (e.i. public organisations and NGOs) and unemployed qualified individuals looking to start a reskilling path can also benefit from the tool.


In completion of the self-assessment, we will not ask you for any personal information and we will not collect or store any personal data (such as your IP address). This means that what happens on your computer stays on your computer.