Project Title

TITAN - Transformative training to empower Sustainably Responsible Leadership and Innovation

PROJECT NUMBER: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079163

project info

Sustainable leadership is

when leaders of businesses manage companies with the environment, society, and long-term sustainable development goals in mind. It’s all about leading in a way that benefits societies and the environment while maintaining financial performance.

The TITAN project contributes to the EU goal of leading the implementation of the 2030 Agenda by supporting individuals and SMEs in acquiring relevant Sustainably Leadership & Innovation skills to be implemented in working context, for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals while maintaining their value proposition.

Long term benefits include a better prepared European workforce to deal with the uncertain scenarios Europe will face and the kind of leadership skills European citizens need to create value inside SMEs while taking into consideration a holistic approach to sustainability. 


Project Outcomes

Sustainably Responsible Leadership & Innovation

Competence Matrix

A matrix with all the learning outcomes and the learning material proposed for each learning outcome.

E-learning materials

Online Training Material for 6 Competence Units: videos, texts, podcasts, animation etc.

Assessment Toolkit

A self-assessment digital tool, a digital SME assessment tool and a learning course assessment tool.

Video Guide for Training

Guides on how to support workers on gaining Sustainably Responsible Leadership & Innovation skills.


Project target-groups

What we want to achieve are: 

Employees on executive and management level and intrinsic leaders inside a company

Skilled or qualified adults

Unemployed qualified people into an upskilling pathway into Sustainably Responsible Leadership and Innovation area.


Project objectives

What we want to achieve are: 

to develop and implement an innovative competence matrix and learning materials on Sustainably Leadership & Innovation focused on management & leadership emergent and complementary topics such as Emotional and Spiritual Intelligences, Responsible Innovation (RI), workplace innovation, ethics, environment sustainability, intercultural teams management and cooperation, and others

to develop and implements two complementary Sustainably Leadership & Innovation assessment tools

to develop a video guide (OER) with helpful tips and tools on how to support workers on gaining Sustainably Responsible Leadership & Innovation skills, at all levels.