Assess the performance of your business

SME Assessment Tool

This assessment tool allows you to assess the sustainability performance of your business by monitoring your perception of different aspects of sustainably responsible leadership and innovation. The tool assists you in analysing the current levels of experience and expertise and identifying possible areas of improvement. By completing this assessment, you will gain more insight into your business' capabilities for responding to the growing demand for sustainability. In addition, this tool suggests relevant TITAN course units for improving your skills for sustainably responsible leadership and innovation required to support your business on the path to sustainability.

You are invited to consider five different statements regarding six different areas of performance and position your business on a four-level scale of performance from “don’t do” to “do very well”. It’s important to answer with honesty to truly assess your business’ strengths and identify possible areas of improvement regarding sustainably responsible leadership and innovation.

This assessment tool is intended to stimulate discussion and debate about the issues raised, to raise awareness about sustainability and responsible innovation, and to provide a basis for pointing out necessary steps to improve the performance of your business regarding the different areas of sustainably responsible business performance. The tool applies to individuals representing businesses of all sizes and business start-ups. Individuals representing other types of organisations (e.g. public organisations and NGOs), VET-providers, and unemployed qualified individuals looking to start a reskilling path can also benefit from the tool.

In completion of the SME assessment, we will not ask you for any personal information and we will not collect or store any personal data (such as your IP address). This means that what happens on your computer stays on your computer.